Beer Facts

  • Beer is apparently cheaper now than it ever was, relative to income. In 1925, a gentleman could spend his weeks pay and get 77 tallies (750 mL bottles). The same gentleman in 1957 could spend his weeks wage on 89 bottles. 1969’s average wage netted 93 bottles of beer, and in 1997, the average wage can buy 119 bottles of beer, or 90 litres a week.
  • In 1876, Melbourne had 1049 pubs for a population of under 800,000 people, which works out at one pub for every 725 men, women, and children. In the same year, Ballarat in Victoria had one pub for every 180 people.
  • The strongest beer in the world is Baz’s Super Brew, brewed by Barrie Parish and sold only at the Parish Brewery in Somerby UK. It is 23 per cent ABV.
  • The oldest brewery in the world is Weihenstephen Brewery in Freising, near Munich Germany. It was founded in 1040AD.
  • The Czechs are the worlds greatest beer drinkers, downing approximately 160 litres per head (1994). The most sozzled city in the world is Darwin, NT, Australia, where punters drink 230 litres per person per year.
  • The largest collection of beer coasters in the world is owned by Leo Pisker of Austria, and numbers 70,000.
  • The longest bar in the world used to be the bar at the Mildura Workers Club, but sadly no longer exists. Now the longest bar is the bar in the Beer Barrel Saloon, in Ohio USA. It measures in at 123 metres long, and has 55 beer taps.
  • The world record for sculling a gallon (4.5 litres) of beer is 3 minutes, 35 seconds, by David Arsenault of Canada. This also includes a 1 minute penalty for spilling.
  • The ring pull can was invented in 1962. Before that, every keyring included a “church key”, used for puncturing the can.
  • If your beer is “piss weak”, you could try “lienting” it. This 17th century English practice means “to put urine into it to make it strong”.
  • 1,742,000,000 litres of beer was produced in Australia in 1995. This number had fallen by 60 million litres since 1992.
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