A Rose is a Rose; Lesser-Known Colours & Their Meanings

Although red is the most common colour of rose given, there are many colours with their own special meanings. The most common are:

  • A PINK ROSE says “I like you.
  • A WHITE ROSE says “Let’s be friends.
  • A YELLOW ROSE says “I’m from Texas. Wanna go roll in some hay?
  • An ORANGE ROSE says “I would be honoured if you’d accompany me to the annual Halloween dance and dinner at the local VFW.
  • A PLAID ROSE says “Let’s spend a romantic evening in my basement eating Cheez Doodles and playing ‘Toss Across’.
  • A MAUVE ROSE means “I want to redecorate your apartment.
  • A CLEAR ROSE says “Meet me by the concession stand at the NIN concert in a half an hour my little railroad spike of love.
  • A FLORESCENT GREEN ROSE means “I’m so glad Cyndi Lauper has a comeback album!
  • A FLASHING YELLOW ROSE means “Proceed with caution.
  • A GOLD ROSE says “I just made my fortune advertising O.J. t-shirts behind Robert Shapiro on CNBC. Wanna go out for chili-dogs?
  • A BLACK ROSE says “I’m sorry. I accidentally ran over your dog as it was lying asleep in your driveway. I sincerely hope this has no effect on our relationship as I would, in all likeli- hood never find another woman to date as long as I live. Due to my little acne problem. And the warts. Oh, who am I kidding? You couldn’t possibly be attracted to a guy like me. It’s the money, isn’t it? Well, you can have all eleven million. I’ll just be lying on the sidewalk in front of my 12-story apartment building until the fine officers come and scrape my lifeless sack of bones from the bloodied pavement. Burn in hell, you bittttttt—
  • A PURPLE ROSE says “I like you a great deal, but my son is the heir to the throne and my mother, the Queen, probably thinks you’re a slut. Not that we can’t meet in this hotel room once a week.
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